Monday, December 13, 2010

Creating Our Pumpkin Fairy House

Look what we collected on our fall nature walk. Lots of wonderful goodies!

Look how excited he is to share some of his ideas that he found in a book. We are off to a great start!

Our 'Great Pumpkin' and fall nature items await us.

Scooping out our "Great Pumpkin'.

"Ewwww! This is really slimy!

Working together to find the perfect location to put the pumpkin fairy house.

These two are putting the finishing touches on our fairy house.

A close up of our pumpkin fairy house.

What pumpkin fairy house wouldn't be complete without a few Monarch fairies?

Ella created the sign on a colorful Sugar Maple leaf that reads the Fairy House.
What fairy wouldn't feel welcomed here?

Andrew created the beautiful fairy angel "to guard the house" with a pinecone for the body, dried milkweed pods for the wings and an acorn cap for the head.
Chris painted the wooden figures black like "the Monarch's body", attached feather wings and bittersweet for a "crown". Aren't they lovely?

Our pumpkin fairy house is finally completed. We do hope the fall and Halloween fairies will come for a visit.
Welcome and Happy Halloween!