Sunday, August 19, 2012

Creating the Pirate Scarecrow

 The children used watered down glue to adhere peach colored tissue paper to the recycled Clorox bottle..
 This child took leadership of this part of our scarecrow. He painted and applied most of the glue and tissue to create the head. Others assisted him, but it was difficult taking photos while I assisted all of them with sticky fingers.
He continues to apply more tissue paper to the cut out ears, which we will eventually add after they dry.
After the form was dry we added a black wig Miss Debbie donated for the project. The  children wanted a patch. They cut it out of felt and glued on the googly eye and a bandana from Mrs. Wishy-washy ensemble.
 They requested a hat, which I made from tin foil and duct tape, a nose, made from a latex finger and filled with tissue paper and a beard and mustache from yarn in our art center. WOW!
They wanted him to have a scull and bones on his hat, which was made from cardboard and silver duct tape, scars on his face, a red scarf, earrings, gold and rotten teeth. This is it! Cool...huh?