Sunday, September 9, 2012

Free Choice

In Science Center, the children can use different slides to learn information about insects in our talking microscope.

 He is now viewing the slide he chose to learn specific information about different creatures.
 In Building Center, the children have an assortment of building materials available to them to build different types of structures.
The children really enjoy the wild animals to pretend with and often include them in the building structures. A new favorite is a very large Silver-backed Gorilla. I have had many request for adding more to our collection.
I knew it would be a favorite because it is just so COOL!

Kindergarten Meteorologists

Each day there is a Keeper of the Weather whose responsibilities are to prepare the classroom weather station for our daily weather report. We learn about temperature, seasons, different types of precipitation, the water cycle and different types of clouds. The 'keeper' does his/her best to report wind velocity, cloud cover and temperature from inside the "television" station. In addition to all these scientific concepts, this activity encourages organization, public speaking and confidence. 

More Free Choice...Tito's Mexican Restaurant

"Buenos dias!"
These senoritas would like to welcome you to 
Tito's Taco Mexican Restaurant.

A customer looks over the menu.

They help to explain the selections on the menu.

Pointing out a recommendation on the menu.

"Would you like a fish taco or rice and bean burrito?"

Free Choice

Building with the Marble Maze encourages high level thinking, problem-solving skills, cooperation, team building, and eye-hand coordination.

Wow! Look at that marble go!!!!

The children have the opportunity to make choices each day about what activities they would like to participate in after center time. These children chose to draw in art center.

The First Days of Kindergarten

During outdoor play we have the opportunity to get some fresh air as we socialize with friends, new and old, practice taking turns and have fun looking for acorns and interesting creatures.
This is our magnificent Cecropia Moth that emerged from the cocoon below. We raised it from a very tiny caterpillar. We raised 15 and released all of them as full grown moths this summer. They are such beautiful and gentle creatures. We learned so much from them What an amazing science lesson for all involved.