Thursday, February 18, 2016

Forest Friday---Looking For Tracks in the Snow

A Snowy Adventure 
 Forest Friends

We're going on a bear hunt? Will we find bear tracks in Jamestown????

  What lives in this little forest in the winter? What birds? What mammals? "Oh look, we found something, Quick, quick come look, Ms. Mitchell! There are tracks!"

Hmm, what could they be? Who do you think left these tracks in the snow?

 Was it a bear???? No, too small! Any other good guesses? Look around, do you see anything moving around. "I think it's a rabbit! No, I think it is a squirrel!"
 "Let's go look for more!"
"I found some, I found some!"

"Wow! These are very tiny! What could they be? A MOUSE, a mouse!"
 ANY ideas??? We need to investigate.

"Look, look, I think I spotted a gnome in the snow or is it a mischievous sprite???

NO, we know who that is!
A snow princess??? Yes, I think so.

A snow angel!!!!  

 Oh, we know who this snow angel is!!!
"Look, a snow mushroom, no wait, 


STEngineeringM with Rig-a-Ma-Gig

Design, build and execute.

 Build something that can lift.

Another structure that can lift.

A collaborative effort to build something that can lift an object.

In our first few visits to Makerspace the children had the opportunity to become acquainted with the materials and practice working collaboratively to create representative structures. As the year has progressed the children's structures have become more elaborate and sophisticated. The children were challenged to build something that could lift another object.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WK1-RI Meteorologists Bringing You the Weather Report

Click on video to enlarge

This is our first attempt filming a live broadcast from inside Makerspace and outdoors in the schoolyard. As part of our science kit, Trees and Weather, the children are expected to learn about and notice weather conditions. So from the beginning of the school year, the children have been learning information associated with the weather such as: temperature, wind velocity, cloud cover and forms of precipitation. As we continue to film each week we are expecting them to give a more comprehensive forecast that will include seasonal changes, temperature, precipitation,wind velocity and cloud cover. Bear with us as we all learn to film, speak clearly, look into the camera and deliver accurate information. I think these boys were eager and brave to be the first to be filmed. I think they did an awesome job! Look for us every Friday! Thanks for your technological expertise Ms. Hakki!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Literacy Stations

 Computer Station


 Small Group Guided Reading 



Making Words

 Creating Sentences

Creating Sentences

Word Search