Sunday, January 23, 2011

Field Trip to Audubon Center in Bristol RI

Bird tracks

Listening to Stranger in the Woods

Great Egret

Monarch butterfly and caterpillar


Viewing the tidal pool.

The infamous blue Lobster

We all gather for a photo in front of the Right Whale

The trip to the Audubon was filled with new discoveries both indoors and outdoors. Nature galore! We started the trip with a scavenger hunt in the museum. The children found all kinds of wonderful birds, amphibians, sea life in the tidal pool and different mammals native to Rhode Island. Then we headed outdoors to find tracks in the snow. This was met with some success after finding rabbit, mice, fox and bird tracks. After that, we listened and paricipated in the wonderful story, Stranger in the Woods (a favorite of mine). This book has a fabulous storyline and gorgeous photographs. A must, if you do not already own it. Then we took a break for lunch, went back into the museum and then headed back outdoors for a short hike. It was a beautiful day and extremely educational. It supported and extended a lot of the science we have been discussing in the classroom.

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