Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chinese New Year Potluck

What a wonderful turnout! Thank you for joining us to celebrate the evening! We hope you enjoyed your children's and their friends accomplishments and hard work. Everyone learned many new things from this unit including calligraphy, counting and singing in Chinese, how Chinese people celebrate their New Year, using more detail in their individual writing, how and why to add more detail to their drawing and writing when creating work for a classroom book, non-fiction and factual information (learning about Panda Bears), how long, hard and cooperative people need to be when working together on a project (class banners and reference to The Great Wall of China), using fine motoring skills when using sequins to decorate scrolls, banners, masks and lanterns and setting up an environment to display artwork. We hope you were able to see from the examples that were available how much goes into your children's work through their individual creations and their performance. It is amazing how hard your children work and play during their school day. During this unit we enjoyed many pieces of fine literature and stories together such as Ruby's Wish, The Seven Chinese Brothers, The Seven Chinese Sisters, The Greatest Treasure, Lion Dancer, Our First Chinese New Year, just to name a few. Again thanks for coming and bringing the beverages and healthy fruit choices. We hope you enjoyed the evening! I sure did!

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