Thursday, February 18, 2016

Forest Friday---Looking For Tracks in the Snow

A Snowy Adventure 
 Forest Friends

We're going on a bear hunt? Will we find bear tracks in Jamestown????

  What lives in this little forest in the winter? What birds? What mammals? "Oh look, we found something, Quick, quick come look, Ms. Mitchell! There are tracks!"

Hmm, what could they be? Who do you think left these tracks in the snow?

 Was it a bear???? No, too small! Any other good guesses? Look around, do you see anything moving around. "I think it's a rabbit! No, I think it is a squirrel!"
 "Let's go look for more!"
"I found some, I found some!"

"Wow! These are very tiny! What could they be? A MOUSE, a mouse!"
 ANY ideas??? We need to investigate.

"Look, look, I think I spotted a gnome in the snow or is it a mischievous sprite???

NO, we know who that is!
A snow princess??? Yes, I think so.

A snow angel!!!!  

 Oh, we know who this snow angel is!!!
"Look, a snow mushroom, no wait, 

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