Sunday, March 13, 2016

Forest Friday Looking for Animal Homes

 Pray mantis case. This small case will produce hundreds of small praying mantis when the weather gets warmer. We will continue to monitor.

 Kingbird Nest. Last spring a pair of kingbirds built a nest outside the classroom. We will continue to monitor to see if they return this spring to rear another brood.

Drey(squirrel nest) This is one of the many dreys in the schoolyard. We watch the sqiirrels go in and out of the them. We are hoping to see babies this spring.

 We don't know exactly what lives/lived in this hole, but the children are convinced it is/was a woodpecker.

The children are looking under a log and they found sowbugs (rolypolys) 

Carolina wren nest. A little wren built a nest here last year. We are hoping it will come back again this year too.

Bird house. The students from The Backyard Explorer's Club built these fine little birdhouses in and around the forest. This one was occupied last year by a House Wren. We will continue to monitor this one as spring approaches.

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