Sunday, October 31, 2010

Telling Spooky Stories in the Woods!

After putting the finishing touches on our pumpkin fairy house some of the children decided they wanted to tell spooky Halloween stories so we gathered together and...

...listened intently as our friends shared their versions of some offbeat and very creative 'spooky' stories. We have learned to respect our friends and we do oa great job paying close attention and enjoy their wonderful and creative storytelling.

We begin our 'spooky' stories with a "BOO" and a shriek. This seems to set the stage for the following 'spooky'' storytelling.

These two children share a story about a scary witch and a pet ghost who become very friendly to all the children in the neighborhood.
He begins with a tale of a ghost living in a haunted house and then...
The story continues when the ghost goes down a street screaming, "boo".

This last storyteller tells us of a ' bony skeleton' who got "so scared that all his bones came apart and fell to the ground." HOW SPOOKY!

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