Friday, November 1, 2013

Building a Pirate From Scratch

 We took a recycled Clorox bottle and the children covered it with peach tissue paper.
 They wanted him to have ears to put earrings in.
 So they covered the cardboard ears with the same tissue paper.
 They added a felt eye patch and a googly eye. The wig was donated by Miss Debbie and the bandana was found by one of the children in Mrs. Wishy-washy ensemble (she also wears it on her head).
 They made the nose by stuffing tissue paper in a latex finger and found the yarn in art center. They asked me to add the mustache and beard. I think they were going for a Jack Sparrow look, but I was amazed at all the different pirates they knew about. Wow!
They wanted to add scars, gold and rotten teeth, a ring in his nose. They wanted him to have a hat with skull and bones. The hat was constructed out of aluminum foil and covered with black duct tape. The red scarf was my idea so we could cover up his jug neck. They had so many ideas we could have kept going. Oh yes! Another cool idea was to add  a hook for his hand (Captain Hook). One of the children thought a peat pot planter covered in black duct tape would be good for part of his hook hand. Such amazing! Pretty impressive!

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