Friday, November 1, 2013

Creating the Treasure Box

We took this empty box apart and turned it inside out so we could paint it.
We cut and fit it to look like a treasure box. The children helped paint it.
We put gold shiny paper in it and the children helped me fold gold and red shiny paper to look like "real gems".
They came up with idea to use marker to color wooden shapes and then dip them into glue and glitter to look like real gems.
We also used egg cartons. We painted them gold and then added gold glitter to make them look like gold nuggets.

They had fun coloring and painting and adding "sparkles to make them glow".
We put them in the treasure chest to let them dry.
They wanted a key hole and necklaces (donated Mardi Gras beads) and I added a few final touches and presto a glowing and shining treasure chest. We all wished it was real!!!!

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